Creatives Industry & Discipline

Do you wonder how you might be included in the Creative Industry?

The list below is from Colorado Creative’s. For more information, please visit the following sites:


Commercial lithographic printing Art dealers Music publishers Display advertising 
Commercial gravure printing Newspaper publishers Sound recording studios Direct mail advertising
 Commercial flexographic printing  Periodical publishers  Other sound recording industries  Other services related to advertising
 Commercial screen printing  Book publishers  Radio networks  Photography studios, portrait
 Digital printing  Greeting card publishers  Radio stations  Commercial photography
 Books printing  All other publishers  Television broadcasting  Fine arts schools
 Other commercial printing  Motion picture and video production  Cable & other subscription programming  Theater companies and dinner theaters
 Trade binding and related work  Motion Picture and video distribution  Internet publishing and broadcasting  Dance companies
 Prepress printing  Motion picture theaters, except drive‐ins  Cable and other program distribution  Musical groups and artists
 Ornamental & architectural metal work mfg.  Drive‐in motion picture theaters  News syndicates  Other performing arts companies
 Custom architectural woodwork & millwork  Tele‐production & postproduction services  Libraries and archives  Promoters with facilities
 Musical instrument manufacturing  Other motion picture and video industries  Architectural services  Promoters without facilities
 Book and periodical merchant wholesalers  Record production  Landscape architectural services  Agents and managers for public figures
 Musical instrument and supplies stores  Integrated record production & distribution  Drafting services  Independent artists, writers, and performers
 Book stores  Art dealers  Interior design services  Museums
 News dealers and newsstands  Newspaper publishers  Industrial design services  Historical sites

Colorado's Creative Occupations

 Artist/Performer  Actors
 Artist/Performer  Artists and related workers, all other
 Artist/Performer  Choreographers
 Artist/Performer  Craft artists
 Artist/Performer  Dancers
 Artist/Performer  Entertainers and performers, sports and related workers, all other
 Artist/Performer  Fine artists, including painters, sculptors, and illustrators
 Artist/Performer  Multi‐media artists and animators
 Artist/Performer  Music directors and composers
 Artist/Performer  Musicians and singers
 Artist/Performer  Producers and directors
 Artist/Performer  Writers and authors
 Cultural  Archivists
 Cultural  Audio‐visual collections specialists
 Cultural  Curators
 Cultural Librarians
 Cultural  Library technicians
 Cultural  Museum technicians and conservators
 Designer  Architects, except landscape and naval
 Designer  Commercial and industrial designers
 Designer  Designers, all other
 Designer  Fashion designers
 Designer  Floral designers
 Designer  Graphic designers
 Designer  Interior designers
 Designer  Landscape architects
 Designer  Set and exhibit designers
 Media/Communications  Advertising and promotions managers
 Media/Communications  Agents and business managers of artists, performers, and athletes
 Media/Communications  Art directors
 Media/Communications  Audio and video equipment technicians
 Media/Communications  Broadcast news analysts
 Media/Communications  Broadcast technicians
 Media/Communications  Camera operators, television, video, and motion picture
 Media/Communications  Editors
 Media/Communications  Film and video editors
 Media/Communications  Marketing managers
 Media/Communications  Media and communication equipment workers, all other
 Media/Communications  Photographers
 Media/Communications  Public relations managers
 Media/Communications  Public relations specialists
 Media/Communications  Radio and television announcers
 Media/Communications  Radio operators
 Media/Communications  Reporters and correspondents
 Media/Communications  Sound engineering technicians
 Media/Communications  Technical writers