Posted on: July 4, 2017

Mural, Mural on the Wall

brighton blade article 6-28-17

Article & Photo by Andrea Tritschler at The Brighton Blade

A newly installed elephant mural bursts through the brick wall facing west above Panaderia Azteca at 234 E. Bridge St. 

Or at least it appears to come out of the wall, thanks to creators Ed Hawkins, Judee Dickinson and Sheri Farabaugh of Main Street Creatives.

But this isn’t your typical mural. It’s not even painted on the brick wall. Instead, it was painted and then printed on a material similar to vinyl that was fixed to the wall.

“This whole process for us, as far as murals go, was very experimental and all along the way was a brand new process,” Hawkins said. “It’s actually quite innovative, I think, to produce a mural this way.”

By using the vinyl material, the artists were able to get around the problems with the building’s “Brighton block.” The concave bricks slope on all four sides and have a rigid edge in the middle, which Hawkins said would have made it difficult to paint a straight line.

The original elephant painting was painted by Dickinson, but was reworked by Hawkins. The artists had to consider how the light, shadows and color would transfer once printed. Printing the mural also allowed the artists to follow a more traditional process in the studio without having to worry about size and scale. They also didn’t have to use scaffolding. 

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