Sculptures on Loan Project

The Brighton Eye for Art Program presents an expanded project offering the opportunity for sculpture artists to exhibit their larger scale artwork within a high visibility park setting for the period of one year.   Sculpture artists are encouraged to submit their applications to exhibit artwork that will be displayed to the public for sale.

Established in 2011 Brighton’s Eye for Art (E4A) Program expands its Art on Loan program outdoors into Carmichael Park located behind City Hall. The E4A Sculpture Walk at Carmichael Park presents a one-year outdoor sculpture on loan project that features the work of up to six professional sculptors in our outdoor gallery at Carmichael Park. 

The Eye for Art Committee (E4AC) and subcommittee represented by community artists, businesses and local citizens from various ethnicity and backgrounds meet to select artwork displayed within the Brighton City Hall gallery and expand the E4A art on loan in City Hall by offering the Eye for Art Sculpture Walk in Carmichael Park to provide an outdoor gallery for artists to display their outdoor sculpture for citizens and visitors to enjoy.

Artists selected for show will receive a cash honorarium.

Peoples Choice Award: Brighton Citizen’s will be asked to vote for their favorite sculpture which would represent the People’s Choice award.  The winning piece will be presented with a $1,000 cash award.

The goal of E4AC is to secure funding through grants, fundraising and match funding to purchase one of the sculptures on loan selected by the community. The selected piece will become part of the City of Brighton’s permanent art collection and will be relocated to a permanent location within the city for public display.

Please apply at CaFE'  at the link below:
Artists register for free thru CaFE' to access your application.

Information page and application for Sculpture-on-Loan

Call 303-655-2034 for more information.

Farmer - Bonze by Lawrence Starck - Acquired 2019

Farmer - Lawrence Starck

Star Gazing - Bronze by Shohini Ghosh - Acquired 2019

Star Grazing  web photo

The Guide - Bronze by Christopher Romero - Acquired 2016

Hawk installation

Spring - Bronze by J. Lucas Loeffler - Acquired 2015

Spring by Lukas Loeffler - Acquired 2015

Dancing Sisters - Fiberglass by Jerry Jaramillo - Acquired 2013

Dancing Sisters

Primavera - Fiberglass by Jerry Jaramillo - Acquired 2013


How does your garden grow? Steel by Thomas Tice - Acquired 2016

How does your garden grow