The Atrium 2015

The main registration area will be located in the Atrium directly accessed by the east side glass doors.

Opportunities will be provided throughout the day to view art in progress as artists take a blank canvas and have a finished piece by end of day. There will also be table space for informational material from attending organizations.  
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Atrium - Caricatures - Artist In Action
Terry McCutchen

Marinated and deep-fried in commercial art and design, Terry McCutchen is an exquisite corpse comprised of carnivals, spook shows, cult cinema, comic books, Gothic ism, and psychotronica. “Certified” with a BFA from Metro State University (née Metro State College) and a teaching license with dual endorsement K-12 Art and secondary English Language Arts, Terry’s fascination with “Otherness” and the fantasy life of both the alter ego and the Id led him to develop a narrative, physiognomic caricature style emphasizing personality in a manner both formally mild and conceptually hyperbolic.

In addition to teaching art in both the public schools and Anythink Wright Farms Library’s teen Studio serving two consecutive terms as Artist in Residence, Terry as drawn both traditional and zombie caricatures for Elitch Gardens in Denver, the “City of the Dead” seasonal haunted house hosted by Commerce City’s Mile High Flea Market, and the Main Street Creatives Gallery in Brighton.

Krohn headshot 2015.jpg
Atrium - Watercolor - Artist in Action
Sharon Krohn

Believing "Art is a journey, not a destination.” watercolor artist Sharon Krohn has embraced her artistic talents her entire life.

During her artistic journey, Krohn moved from Nebraska to Colorado in her early teens and attended Wheat Ridge High School and then Colorado University where she majored in Fine Arts. Through the years, Krohn has studied with many well-known artists, such as Zoltan Szabo and Tom Lynch.  Although she has worked in other mediums, watercolor has remained her passion.

Krohn shares her enthusiasm for art through workshops she holds throughout the Denver Metro area and has travelled as far as Mexico to teach. Currently a member of the Main Street Gallery for artists in Brighton, Krohn maintains a working studio and teaches watercolor classes on Monday mornings.  Krohn notes that helping others in their personal artistic journey brings her joy and fulfillment. 


Atrium - OIls - Artist in Action
Dean Glorso 

Dean Glorso grew up in the 1950's and 60's on a 4 lane highway just outside Chicago. On a typical summer afternoon he and his brother Sam would sit on the front porch and watch the cars go by. For hours they played a game of, 'Who could name the make and model first'. The love for classic cars caused him to begin painting the details of their uniqueness. Artwork available on-line

Artist in Action - Atrium