The Artists' Loft 2015

In addition to a full day of presenters and entertainers, attendees of the Arts & Culture Symposium will have the unique opportunity to visit the Artists' Loft throughout the day, where artists will display some of their finest artwork. Artists will be on hand to talk to attendees about their work.

Francesca Morales Cook

Franki Morales
Francesca Morales Cook

Community Worker, Jeweler, Creative Arts Instructor
Eye for Art Spotlight Artist-Bountiful Living Show 2012

This artistic visionary developed an entire Jewelry Design Program for the Community College of Aurora, where she instructed for several years.   She also developed and guides “Healing Through Jewelry Women’s Retreats”.  These gatherings nurture spiritual and emotional healing, as well as offer economic opportunity, through the ancient art of jewelry making.

Her work has been showcased at the Denver Art Museum, the Taos Art Museum, and several other exclusive galleries and boutiques.  5280 previously honored her with their Editor’s Choice Award for “Top local Jewelry Designer”.  Her work has been featured in 303 MAGAZINE as well as other publications. She has also appeared on Channel 2's Everyday Show. Her artistry allows her to partner with agencies to raise funds for their organizations, which in turn uplifts and strengthens our communities. See More.

Beaded crystals

Garden Party 20.jpg

Robert Gallegos

Robert Gallegos

Robert Gallegos
Artist/Photographer, former United States Marine Corp.
Denver Veteran’s Center Creative Arts Group 
Eye for Art Spotlight Artist - Celebrating Mother Earth 2013

Gallegos is a former United State Marine Corp combat veteran who served during the Vietnam war.  Due to his combat experiences, his personal journey dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome brought him to the Denver Veterans Center to seek methods to deal with his condition.  

While at the Veterans Center he became actively involved with the creative arts group as a method of dealing with his PTSS symptoms.  Through this group Gallegos found that drawing, oil painting and photography as an art form helped him to deal with the symptoms of his syndrome.  Through his interactions at the Center, he was given the opportunity to share his expertise in oil painting and photo-shop skills in photography, as well as computer building with other veterans.  

Through Gallego's involvement at the Veterans Center  he has had the opportunity to provided a program through which he is actively involved, working with and encouraging others who have experienced PTSS/PTSD to become involved with the Creative Arts program to assist in their road to healing. See More.

Reistra Art Photo

2 Chile Ristra.jpg

Leonard Lopez

lopez Crop.jpg
Leonard Lopez
Photographer, Artographer
Eye for Art Spotlight Artist -Tantalizing Summer Perspectives 2014

Starting at a young age with paper and pencil, Lopez took influence from comic books and his fantasy art hero, Frank Frazettta, working the paper until he had erased holes right through it. He eventually worked up to pen and ink and spent many hours with this medium.  However, the lack of color haunted him. He disliked painting because the paint took too long to dry and he lacked the patience to improve. He was soon introduced to the computer where a whole world of color opened up to him. When he discovered he could incorporate his work into the computer, it was like the heavens opened up and a new desire to create was born. 

He likes to think of himself as an “Artographer” wielding a camera and computer as his tools of choice. This may change as the wind blows, but for now they aid in his passion to create.  See more.

Alexa Photo Art

2 Alexa 24x16.jpg

Leslie Gwynn

Gwynn Photo.JPG

Leslie Gwynn
Watercolor/Acrylic/ Mixed Media
Eye for Art Spotlight Artist - Celebrating Mother Earth 2013

Gwynn was born and raised in Atchison Kansas where she was surrounded by a countryside filled with summer flowers, fireflies and butterflies.  She is reminded of that beauty every time she begins a painting. Her artistic were honed since childhood where she learned from the now renowned graphic and architectural designer Darrel Schmitt.  A graduate of Kansas State University in Arts she is also a graduate from Fort Lauderdale Institute for Art where she majored in Fine Art, Commercial Art, Fashion Illustration and Graphic Art. Gwynn’s talents capture and breath life into the vivid colors in her beautiful creations.

Gwynn has been the feature artist at the Muchnic Art Gallery in Atchison Kansas and continues to show her work at other art show venues in there and in Colorado. See her many creations and meet this artist in the Loft.  See more.

Swallowtail Watercolor

2 Two Tail Swallowtail Butterfly 14x11.jpg

Dean Glorso

Dean Glorso 2015

Dean Glorso
Atrium - Oil Artist, Registered Colorado Professional Land Surveyor Former United States Marine Corps. 
Eye for Art Spotlight Artist-E4A Grand Opening 2011

Dean Glorso grew up in the 1950's and 60's on a 4 lane highway just outside Chicago. On a typical summer afternoon he and his brother Sam would sit on the front porch and watch the cars go by. For hours they played a game of, 'Who could name the make and model first'. The love for classic cars caused him to begin painting the details of their uniqueness. He now makes his paintings available in original or print form and t-shirts. See more.

See him  on-line at:

1957 Belair oil

Select dg102Belair.jpg

Sharon Krohn

Sharon Krohn

Sharon Krohn
Atrium - Artist, Instructor at Main Street Gallery
Eye for Art Spotlight Artist-Bountiful Living show 2012

Brighton Watercolor artist/instructor Sharon Krohn of Brighton majored in Fine arts at Colorado University. Through the years, Krohn has studied with many well-known artists, such as Zoltan Szabo and Tom Lynch.  Although she has worked in other mediums, watercolor has remained her favorite.

Krohn shares her enthusiasm for art through workshops she holds throughout the Denver Metro area and has travelled as far as Mexico to teach. Currently a member of the Main Street Gallery for artists in Brighton, Krohn maintains a working studio and teaches watercolor classes on Monday mornings.  Krohn notes that helping others in their personal artistic journey brings her joy and fulfillment. See more.

Sea Turtles, Watercolor

2 Sea Turtles 20x28.JPG

Kathy Lechman

head shot from Cruise 72015.jpg

Kathy Lechman
Fused Glass Works/Acrylic Artwork

Lechman has worked in several mediums over the years.  A CSU art major Lechman also attended  CCU Denver classes in multi-media.  As of 2005, she has focused her interests in fused glass art and acrylic painting.

Lechman grew up in Boulder, Colorado where she drew inspiration from the colors of the seasons and the beauty of the snow-capped mountains where they meet the bluest of skies,.  Her creations fuse the colors of glass and the interplay beauty it creates with light.  From the transparent to the opaque to the iridescent and dichroic glass, the brilliance is spectacular.   Glass can be a very versatile medium to work with but it does have its constraints as well.  You must see the beauty created in this very challenging medium.

Blue Winter Quilt Fused Glass

Blue Wnter Quilt Fused Glass.jpg

Jay Michael Jaramillo

Jaramillo Jay  photo.jpg

Jay Michael Jaramillo
Multimedia, Visual & Performing Artist

Encouraged since birth in 1990 by his father, fine artist,  Jerry Jaramillo to explore his creativity and express himself freely.  With a myriad of techniques learned from his father in the realms of: painting, mural ism, sculpture, jewelry, singing, acting and being a craftsman in a technological age.  Jaramillo  is a 2014 Graduate of Metropolitan State University of Denver, with a Bachelor of Arts Degree and minor from the School of Business.  Jaramillo can be described as an “Artrepreneur” a term that he embraced during his studies with the Center for Innovation at MSU Denver.  Jay Michael Jaramillo is the Founder, Owner & CEO of a  website which promotes his art, and art by others.

Jaramillo markets himself and other artists on social media check his Facebookpage to learn more about this artist:

La Serenita, Oils

3 LaSirenita 24x20.jpg

Jerry Jaramillo

Jerry Jaramillo
Oil painting, sculptor, Muralist, Mixed Media Artwork
Spotlight Artist -  Fabulous 2012 Show

From Art Nouveau to Native American style, Jaramillo is considered a local artistic prodigy.  With family roots set in Brighton, Jaramillo has strong ties to the Brighton community. 
Jaramillo’s artistic talent with sculptures of various media such as: alabaster, wood, fiberglass, poly resins and stainless steel are equal to his talents in his oil paintings which are rich with a history of our Native American roots and nature.Inspired by flowing lines and natural movements of wind and water Jaramillo has created fabulous sculptures.

Also an accomplished Muralist, Jaramillo has created many artworks in large scale throughout the area.
 Jaramillo creates custom projects for both private and public entities in Arizona, Colorado, Florida, New Mexico, Washington and Mexico.  Jaramillo loves to share his passion for art by teaching independent workshops and is highly sought in other classroom settings.  See more.

Blue Smoke Woman Oil

Blue Smoke Woman.jpg

Sandie Mackenzie

Sandy new photo.jpg

Sandie Mackenzie
Feather Blooms Artist/Multimedia

Eye for Art Spotlight Artist- Its a Wonderful life 2013

Feather patterns of the Ring Neck pheasant have inspired a passion to create exquisite Feather Blooms for artistic creator Sandie Mackenzie.

Mackenzie was born in Santé Fe, New Mexico, but traversed from the farms and the vineyards of California’s San Joaquin Valley, to Steamboat Springs, Colorado and then into a rural home near Fort Lupton where she now lives and creates her Feather Blooms feather designs. 

Feather Bloom designs of barrettes, boutonnieres, trunks, swags, barb wire crosses, Southwestern baskets and vase
s.  See more.

Forest Feather Blooms

6 forest.jpg.jpg

Terry McCutchen

Photo McCutchen.PNG

Terry McCutchen
Caricature Artist/Atrium Artist in Action/Instructor 

Marinated and deep-fried in commercial art and design, Terry McCutchen is an exquisite corpse comprised of carnivals, spook shows, cult cinema, comic books, Gothicism, and psychotronica. “Certified” with a BFA from Metro State University (née Metro State College) and a teaching license dually endorsed K-12 Art and secondary English Language Arts,

Terry’s fascination with “Otherness” and the fantasy life of both the alter ego and the Id led him to develop a narrative, physiognomic caricature style emphasizing personality in a manner both formally mild and conceptually hyperbolic. In addition to teaching art in both the public schools and Anythink Wright Farms Library’s teen Studio serving two consecutive terms as Artist in Residence, Terry as drawn both traditional and zombie caricatures for Elitch Gardens in Denver, the “City of the Dead” seasonal haunted house hosted by Commerce City’s Mile High Flea Market, and the Main Street Creatives Gallery in Brighton. 

Marina Galasso

Marina Galasso
Fused Glass/Photography/Alcohol Inks
Eye for Art Spotlight Artist/Fabulous 2012

A local artist, Galasso works at Platte Valley Medical Center where she loves working with and helping people. She is also a self motivated artist, glass blower, Fused Glass Artist/Photographer and Alcohol ink artist and writer, editor and publisher of her self illustrated children s books.  

She creates fused glass jewelry and small art peices in her own kiln since an early age.  Her necklace pendants, earrings, sun catchers and wall accent art are beautiful. She has also begun glass blown creations at a studio in Loveland. She loves the unpredictable beauty in the shape and color of fused glass when it leaves the firing kiln. 

“I Wish…” a book she authored, illustrated and published at the age of 16 is available at her booth. The book illustrations were all hand drawn and created in a mosaic fashion from small peices cut from magazines. She completed her second book in 2014 called “I See” and hopes to complete one more to have a series of three books.  Marina also wrote and edited the books herself. Her books are available and can be signed by the author at the Artist Loft. See more.

Fused Glass Dragonfly


Beth Kane

Head shot Beth.jpg
Beth Kane
Bead Artist/Bead Painter/Repurpose Creations
Eye for Art Spotlight Artist - Holiday Sizzle Show 2014

 As a "Bead Painter", my palette consists of Swarovski crystals, semi-precious stones, pearls, vintage jewelry, and seed beads. When I'm not beading you will find me searching through antique shops and thrift stores for vintage jewelry to use in my pieces or unique items to embellish. Some of my favorites are the antique dresser and powder jars from the 1930's - 1950's.

Other items I embellish are trinket boxes, music and jewelry boxes. Have you inherited Grandma’s jewelry?  I can custom design and create an heirloom piece for you with your own personal items. I also specialize in designing animal urns in the loss of that very special family pet. See more.

Beaded Vintage Box

Dancing on Alabaster box

Claudia Rodriguez

Photo convert.jpg
Claudia Rodriguez
Mixed Media, Acrylics, Photography

A native of Colorado, Rodriguez' artwork is all original designs created by hand for work, home, business or special gift. She describes her work as somewhere between simple and elegant and all one of a kind creations.

With a strong faith in God, she seeks his lead in all of her creations and finds peace in the creating.

Photography came as natural to her as the paint brush. She sees the beauty in all of Gods creations and is able to capture those exquisite moments through the lens of a camera..  
2014-09-09 00.35.12.jpg

J.Lucas Loeffler

Lucas TN.jpg
J. Lucas Loeffler
Sculptor, Bronze, Mixed Media,  Oils
University of Colorado Boulder

Inspired by his Mom at an early age to create with his hands, this artist has created some beautiful pieces in large and small scale in various mediums.  From creating to teaching this artist creates fabulous pieces that have been shown in many venues, including Art on the Street in Lafayette CO.

Meet this artist and see the creations he has in the Artist  Loft.  
See more information on this artist here.