About Cultural Strategic Plan

“The City of Brighton strongly values the integration of our diverse art, culture, and heritage to enrich the quality of daily life and promote a dynamic community. Brighton will greatly strengthen the aesthetic and cultural richness of our community by becoming a notable destination for the visual and performing arts.”

“To provide leadership, opportunities, and support for those involved and participating in the arts and cultural activities locally. These activities include the creation, presentation, and appreciation of the visual and performing arts and culture building activities for a stronger, happier and more cohesive Brighton community.”

Goal 1: Increase access, participation, and engagement in the cultural life of BCIA.
Goal 2: Integrate the arts and culture into the social, economic and civic fabric of the BCIA.
Goal 3: Strengthen and expand arts and culture learning.
Goal 4: Foster thriving arts organizations.
Goal 5: Support creative individuals and advance arts leadership.


A Brighton Cultural Strategic Team (BCST) of six culturally-engaged community members was formed in October 2014 to synthesize the data into this plan. The plan will be implemented and maintained with the same spirit. As a living and real-time document, the plan will be updated on an ongoing basis as the BCIA cultural ecosystem changes to keep current with rapidly changing interests, challenges, and technologies. The Brighton Cultural Arts Commission and Brighton Cultural Strategic Team are also committed to leading implementation teams to identify resources at hand, resources needed, and to generate creative means to maximize and obtain them.

This Cultural Strategic Plan expresses our unique identity, as it was developed through an open and inclusive process using the input of over 700 hundred BCIA citizens and numerous organizations. Research was also conducted in 2014 through an online survey, targeted meetings with non-profits, reviews of historical documents, interviews with key stakeholders, and additional public meetings.

Guiding Principles for Brighton Cultural Strategic Plan
  1. We are trying to do what is best for Brighton and the residents of the Brighton Cultural Influence Area
  2. We will try to get back as much funding from the Federal, State, SCFD, County, School Districts and City to the benefit of the Brighton and BCIA taxpaying residents
  3. We will be guided by needs and wants of the residents with special attention to those without a voice, including the poor, the disadvantaged, the children, the aging, all ethnicities, all genders and orientations and others.
  4. We will seek input from all and treat all arts and cultural groups fairly.
  5. We will pursue efficiency, avoiding duplication and any waste of precious resources.
  6. We will encourage creativity and innovation as good practices and ways to accomplish more with less.
  7. We will respect the investment of time and effort of everyone who volunteers asking for what is needed and while avoiding wasting time and remembering to appreciate the sacrifices made by all participants.
  8. We will require participants to identify who they are representing in their advocacy.