Media & Interview Tips

You may find yourself at some time in your work career where you may have the opportunity to speak with news media to talk about exhibits, events, performances and programs. The tips below are designed to help communicate your message effectively.

  1. PREPARE: Always prepare in advance before your interview. Review your messages, know what you want to share with the media outlet’s audience in advance. Ask the reporter what s/he wants to focus on in advance, and review previous stories of that reporter. Practice with a colleague or in front of a mirror.
  2. KEEP IT SIMPLE: Two or three well-crafted, interesting messages are all you’ll likely have time to share, and is a good number to be digested by the audience. Be prepared to illustrate your messages in concrete ways with vivid examples, etc.
  3. BE BRIEF: Respond to questions with your message in quotable, brief sentences. When you’ve answered the question, it’s OK to stop talking.
  4. FOR TV: Wear simple, solid color clothing. Avoid white shirts and flashy or distracting jewelry or accessories. Provide still images or video that may help illustrate your story.
  5. FOR RADIO: Help paint a picture for the listeners by describing visuals, sights and sounds. If you can offer to allow the reporter to record the sound of a power drill building theater set for upcoming show, etc.
  6. FOR PRINT/DIGITAL: Don’t count on the reporter having more space to explain your story. Start out briefly, and then offer to elaborate key points the reporter is interested in.

Good luck!