Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteering with the Office of Arts and Culture opens the door to multiple options that provide a variety of exciting, rewarding, and diverse learning opportunities for all. Volunteers gain meaningful hands-on experience while being able to utilize academic knowledge, gain invaluable professional experience, and build leadership qualities. Apply your passion to make a direct impact on the Brighton arts, culture, and tourism scene.

We have immediate needs, and we are always looking for volunteers to help. Please contact us for available volunteer opportunities.

You should consider volunteering if you are:
  • Seeking ways to contribute to your community and make a difference
  • Interested in learning more about arts and culture
  • Ready to utilize your business skills in a leadership capacity
  • Looking for stimulating development opportunities for your community
  • An emerging leader who would like to hone your your leadership skills and increase opportunities for yourself and your community
  • Committed to philanthropy
Recruitment Opportunities
  • Useful Public Service - Court-ordered volunteer hours
  • High School Community Service - Requirement for high school graduation
  • Community Volunteers - Recruitment of clubs, groups, organizations, families, and individuals to continue to serve their community
  • Programs - Some volunteer programs are paid for by federal, state, or county government, such as Summer Youth and the Colorado Workers Program
  • Internships - Recruitment of higher education students involved in the culture, arts, and scientific community

Volunteer Retention
Benefits are the key to successful volunteer programs. Volunteers will have the opportunity to earn ARTS Dollars and Rec Dollars in exchange for volunteer service. The ARTS Dollars program is modeled on the success of the Rec Dollars program currently in use at the Brighton Recreation Center.