Vision & Mission

The Office of Arts and Culture envisions a community where art, culture, tourism, and heritage and the stories of its people enhance the quality of life for all residents and visitors.

The mission of the Office of Arts and Culture is to advise the City Council on cultural issues for the greater good of the Brighton arts and culture community. We strive to provide cultural resources defined as intellectual and artistic achievements or expressions, including customs and civilizations of a particular time or people, all of which stimulate community potential and pride. The Office of Arts and Culture will help make Brighton a cultural center and destination.

Strategies to Achieve the Over-Arching Goal
  • Serve as a catalyst for the development of Brighton as a cultural center and destination by working with the City Council, staff, and cultural groups
  • Enhance regional awareness of Brighton’s arts and cultural events and activities
  • Leverage available resources to the Brighton arts and culture community
  • Provide networking opportunities for the exchange of ideas and resources